Author Topic: Material Layering Emissive  (Read 619 times)

Easy question, do emissive materials work with material layering?? I can't make it work. when the material has the Unity Shader it works perfectly, with Material Layering Shader is completely gone.

Not really an answer, but I personally have not had much success with material layering in Unity so I just cut that out of my pipeline. If you can afford the extra expense, try adding a material to the model and having an emissive material on top with an alpha channel.

nicvcer, I almost cut it from my pipeline, still want this to work though.

I answer to myself.
The Emissive doesn't work with Material Layering.

LUCKILY we are changing the shader and trying to make it work with Emissive. So far it is easier than we thought, we just need to clean the code a little bit and it will work smoothly.