Author Topic: Projection Painting vs Stencils  (Read 8952 times)

Alright so I've been working with stencils and projection painting lately and I just wanted some input on whether or not this is the most ideal way of doing things or if there's a better way. Im trying to paint labels onto a few barrels. When I import the label I have a transparent background and on another I have a black background.

 I wanted to add this image to the mesh with some slight height detail. If I use projection painting it works great but only if I'm just using the color. If I add in height it takes the transparent part of the image and includes height for that as well.

If I use a stencil it works great with the image that has a black background but I can't use the color of the image. So what I've been doing is using the projection painting to add the image alone, then I go over it with a stencil of the same image. Is this the best way to go about this? I'd love to have the precision of the stencil while adding the color of the image. Is this possible?

my typical work flow is:
1. create a paint layer
2. click on the projection tool
3. drag and drop the image you want to project onto the baseColor channel
4. adjust the projection image using the 'S' key + LMB, MMB, RMB
5. paint on the projected image.

now a little more advanced thing you can do is
1. create a fill layer
2. drag the projection image onto the baseColor channel
3. set the UV tiling to None
4. adjust the UV scale to re-size your image
5. adjust the UV offset and rotation to re-position the image on your model
6. adjust the height slider to give your image some bump
7. same goes for the rough and metal sliders
you can also add in your own height, rough and metal maps to the appropriate slots in the fill layer if you desire.

Now there is a little problem with this second method.  If you add a filter to this fill layer like Rust or something, it will apply the filter to the whole layer and not use the tiling and scale settings.  However, if you build this same material inside designer and then apply it, the filter will only affect the image and not the whole fill layer.


The fact that the alpha on the projection only affects the diffuse is a bug.