Author Topic: Baking with overlapping/mirror UVs possible?  (Read 8022 times)

Hiya, as the title asks is this possible? Currently I'm getting some very unpredictable results and even black renders for normals/AO .


You shouldn't have any issue with mirroring. If you have artefacts, I would recommend moving the mirrored parts out of the 0-1 UV space as the baker will ignore them. You'll have to bring them back in to paint on them though.

you should never overlap UV's, and like Fabian said, if you have overlapping UV, move them out of the 0-1 UV space, you dont need to move them back because everything you paint in the 0-1 uv space will show up on the UV moved outside of the 0-1 space.  This will look like the texture is tiling when its brought into your game engine or 3d content creation package.  When moving the overlapping UV make sure you offset them by 1 so they line up with the other UV correctly.  This workflow is very common.

Here is a quick link I found to show the offset.  This is done in 3ds max, but the same technique applies to any other content creation package

Thanks Greg I knew about this practice but up till now I didn't know how to do this in Maya, thanks for reminding me, just checked in 2015 and looks like they made it easy now, not sure when that happened, but I'm happy it did :)

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