Author Topic: Splatter is buggy in Unity  (Read 2008 times)

Hello. I have reported this as a bug to Unity but I thought it would be good to mention it here as well as it is probably in your interest for it to be addressed.

When I use the "Splatter" generator to splatter a bunch of shapes, e.g. "Thorn", it looks great in Substance Designer but in Unity all the shapes will often get gray or white square outlines.

Here is the SBS:

Is it Unity or Allegorithmic that is responsible for the implementation of substances in Unity? No response from either and as it behaves the Splatter filter is unusable unfortunately.

It also makes me wonder whether the issue also exists in FX-Maps and standard generators because the quality in Substance Designer and Substance Viewer are much higher than in Unity where the generated textures appear to be degraded?

Update: I'm obviously not too alert because there is a nice sticky on how to report bugs so I'll do it the proper way :)

Unity compresses textures in DXT, which can indeed degrade the quality of the texture but it should not create the kind of artefacts you have on that image.