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was following along this tutorial about using stencils,

But when i want to apply color, nothing happens. Did something changed in recent versions?

Ok, i figured it out. I've used a stencil with a color (displayed under stencils though), instead of an image which is just black or white, transparent.
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Hey just wondering what you were texturing. I'm trying to add a "sticker" label to a mesh but can't seem to figure out a way to do it. If I use projection painting it paints everything even if I use a PNG file it paints that part of it onto the mesh. If I use a stencil it works great, but doesn't paint in the color of the image. I can only set the color I can overlay over the stenciled area. I'm using a 2048x2048 stencil with the image in the center.

I don't see any other settings in the Stencil area, unless I'm looking in the wrong area. I can either add the stencil or remove it but no settings.

*edit* So I was right before, I just wasn't using the stencil and the color sections together with the same image. So for anyone wondering about using colored stencils. You need to assign the stencil image you want to use, then for the color under the "Material" you assign the same colored image in this slot. Since I'm using the same image for both the texture and color I only need one image.
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Hey jgonzosan,

to paint an Image like a sticker onto the mesh, the projection tool should do it.
If you are just using the Base Colour as an input Channel it should work like a stencil with colour.

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