Author Topic: .sbrsprj files can't be loaded when read only.  (Read 1018 times)

hello all.

TL;DR  our project needs .sbsprj files that can be loaded even if they are read only.

So with the way our project is set up, we want to be able to use project files in a way which they are clearly capable, but not necessarily intended to function.

in addition to the main project files which set up our renderer presets, our baking presets and version control functionality. we want to load additional projects for the purpose of library organization, we have environments which are exclusive in the assets they should be using, and when an artist is working on assets for that exclusive environment we want the organization to both reflect that and only load substances which are approved for that asset, this will also help us with outsourcing in being able to send over smaller chunks of relvent data for any given task.

say for example we have an "Arid_Mesa" level in our game, we want to have a corresponding arid_mesa.sbsprj (which is source controlled asset in perforce, and thus read only)  which they can opt into in order to load all of the assets that are permitted in that environment due to explicit art direction,   since they have not loaded any other organizational project files, the assets they are shown are only the ones the need, uncluttered by any other stuff.

later on they are working on  our dungeon level the "Verdant_Catacombs"  then they would remove the  arid_mesa.sbsprj and then add the one applicable to the current project, thus remapping their libraries and adding new organization filters and folders.

currently .sbsprj's cant be loaded, they have to be saved, we don't want them to necessarily be unique, we want our artists for the most part opting into a static, known and managed project file.

Am I trying to solve this in the wrong way? is there a better way to do this that is currently supported?