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Been working on a speeder bike model from Return of the Jedi. Just started messing around with painter the other day and i gotta say, im loving it. Here's my current wip.

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Amazing work. That looks like an actual movie prop.

thanks :) here's an update. feeling better about this one.

Excellent !
I love it!

Totally awesome!
I think I liked better the orange color of the first one for the body though, the dirt/dust on the latest one is covering most of it.
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Cool  8) I like the first one and the second
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Thanks everyone.

Jeremy, after having gone back a day after and working on the material a bit more, the orange one to me just felt altogether too fake, almost like it was a toy or something. i definitely feel like i can scale back some of the dirt/dust on the current version though, ill play around with my layers and see what sort of result i can get.

this being my first time using substance, i did not realize that the height information was converted to the normal map on export, and i had the wrong normal map plugged into my last couple renders. it was most apparent on the bag in the back, which ive since fixed :)

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found a happy place to call this guy done. i had a blast working with substance painter on this. cant wait to get texturing on my next piece now.

I think that is really lovely looking :)

and very unsafe... :)

Is that for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront by chance?
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thank144: thank you :) this is not for the upcoming Battlefront, this was just a fan piece.

awesome piece.... does that have a normal map on it or is that all high poly?

Awesome. Good follow through on improving it to look better. Definitely worth it.