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If I have different colors assigned to different polygon faces in 3DS Max, export FBX to Painter with UVs created, is it possible to bake an ID map using Painter? I usually bake the ID map with Max but if its possible to do in painter thats one less step I will need to do in Max.
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Hey chuck_3,

yes you can bake ID Maps based on the UV color inside of Substance Painter by using the 'UV to SVG' Baker method, for instance.

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Thanks for the reply, Im new to SD and SP. I found the UV to SVG Baker in SD, but I'm not having any luck finding that baker in SP. Where would this baker be located?

Hey chuck_3,

sorry for the confusion, there is indeed, no 'UVs to SVG' Baker, but the ID Baker in the 'Bake Textures' dialog.
Unfortunately you can, at the moment, only Bake IDs per Texture Set, but not a whole ID Map for the Object, like in Substance Designer.

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We also have a bug currently waiting to be addressed regarding the ID map baker. For the moment Painter is unable to load the materials ID from the high-poly, therefore the output of the baker will always be black. The only alternative for the moment is to use the vertex colors.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Thanks you guys, for the quick reply. Ok cool.
 For simple models I really like being lazy and use a simple Max,SP,UE4 pipeline. Cant wait to see what painter will be like a year from now :)