Author Topic: Process for activating a Live product  (Read 1289 times)

I purchased a Live Indy product and downloaded and installed Substance Designer.  For activation, I used the license.key file.  When this expires next month, do I need to download a new license file or will it update itself (assuming the $20 is paid)?

Having doubts about the correct process, I tried to activate through my account but the server did not recognize my credentials.  This is a temporary problem?

So assuming internet access and continuous payments, which method is recommended?


If you activate from the software, it will automatically download the new license file every month. If you are using the download from your account, you would indeed need to download it every month.
We currently have a bug with some users for the login/password on our server, we are working on it. We actually just made some changes, could you please try again to login from the software and see if that works?


I was able to activate Substance Painter on-line but not Substance Designer.  Message: "Bad Authentication".

Earlier this morning, the download tab of my account had no licenses listed but they seem to be back now.

I guess you are still working on the server issues.  I will try to activate Designer on-line later.