Author Topic: [SOLVED] Created SBSAR file wont works correctly in Painter/Designer  (Read 8568 times)

Hi at all

I got a little problem with a custom substance that i have created.
The sbs file works correctly. I am not sure if it is a generaly problem of the sbsar file or if i did something wrong.

I want a basic substance where i could change via dropdown menu some texture inputs like roughness or height.
I work with exposed functions and stuff that you need for a switch, it looks like the sbsar file cant store that informations.
But i am not sure if the painter could read that, too.

How much is possible in a sbsar file for Painter?
Any help would be nice.

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Does your dropdown work correctly when viewed in Substance Player?  Player is a good tool for testing your sbsar's.  you could also open the sbsar in Designer itself.

Hm, no. I dont have the player.
If i use the sbs file as substance in designer, it works correctly.
But as sbsar, it brokes my complede file.

Substance Player is a free download here

I just tested a dropdown I have in a sbsar from SD 4.6.2 and it works fine in SP 1.3

Without seeing a graph or your sbs I am not sure what you are doing wrong sorry.  If you want me to take a look, send me a PM with a download link if you wish to keep the sbs private.

Thanks for the help.
I have the sbs attached.
So please take a look over it why it works as sbs and not as sbsar and why it wont works in painter.

Hey Malo,

thanks for providing your .sbs file. This helps a lot ;)
How did you try to import the published Substance into Substance Painter?

For me everything's working fine and without any issue. I just published the Substance and in Painter I go to Edit -> Import Substance.
It's working. Nothing wrong with your Substance in Painter & Player. :)

Best Regards
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Hi Malo,

I had a look at your sbs and the reason your dropdowns do not work is that there are no functions on your Blend switches to reference them.  It has just gone 1am loggin off now, but I will look at fixing it tomorrow for you if you like.

@Fabian, I think you missed what Malo asked in his first post.  Malo is correct, his sbsar does not work how he wishes in Designer or Painter for the reasons I stated above.

@Fabian, I think you missed what Malo asked in his first post.  Malo is correct, his sbsar does not work how he wishes in Designer or Painter for the reasons I stated above.

Hey artzfx,

maybe I am missing something here, but it works for me, anyway. Adjust any value and it happens exactly what I would assume when I take a look at the graph... strange.

Best Regards
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I still get this, see attchment.
The sbs file works as it should and in sbsar i lost half of the options.

Thanks for your time.
Could you explain what you mean with blend switches, please.
As far as i see, every blendnode have a switch and a funktion on it.

Hey Malo,

You can't edit .sbsar files inside of Designer. Substance Designer is only working with .sbs files.
Test that out with any .sbsar file inside of Designer, there is nothing wrong with your Graph.
I just tested it out in Substance Player, Substance Painter & in Substance Designer 5 on Windows & OS X, DirectX and OpenGL.

I don't see your issue in Substance Player and in Substance Painter. Bot Software Packages are working great with the published sbsar.
Please, can you test it in Substance Player & Painter? This would be great!

Best Regards
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Looks like you dont understand the complede problem.
Please read the entry post again.

I dont want to edit a sbsar file. And it have nothing to do with Player, Windows or other stuff you say.

Open my sbs file in designer and hit on publish.
Use that sbsar in designer or painter and you get a wrong file.
Height and Rougness sliders are missing and the dropdown menu is missing.

Hey Malo,

Fabian you are indeed correct, if using SD 5.0 to publish the sbs.  My result was also correct if using SD 4.6.2 to publish the sbs Argh!  So it appears to be a version issue.

In future I think we might need to verify what versions of SD are being used to publish the sbsar as it seems that SD 5.0 does not recognised things form SD 4.0.

Just to prove we aren't going mad Malo, below shows your sbs published with 4.6.2 then 5.0 and opened in Substance Player.       

Hey guys,

Thanks for clarifying that, artzfx. I think there was a communication error from the first time. ;)
I was confused because it worked for me the whole time.

Best regards
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Looks like a bug to me.

I am on 5.0.1 in Designer and 1.3.1 in Painter and my result is wrong.
Thanks both of you for your time.