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Hello all,

Been getting into 3D modeling lately and saw this program advertised on YouTube I and decided to give it a go.  I downloaded the trial and took my obj file from C4D and imported it into substance painter.

I instantly notice how extremely laggy it was, would try to paint and it would chug away.  I couldn't actually "paint" because it was lagging so bad that if I painted a spot I'd need to wait to see how much area was covered before I could paint something else.

My specs are...

Win 7 64
HD 5700 3 GIG
8 core 4ghz  processor
triple monitor with a yinova desktop tablet

At which resolution are you working ? 4K Can be very demanding for the GPU.
Are you GPU drivers up to date ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Fabrice Piquet aka Froyok. Product Manager, Technical Artist and Documentation at Adobe.

The triple monitors run at 5760x1080 the tablet is 1920x1080 which is what I do the work on.

Also, my drivers are always up to date. :)
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Sorry, I meant the texture resolution in Painter. However having 3 monitor will also require some tough performances on your GPU. so having that many monitors plus Substance Painter computing on the GPU too could be the explanation of your performance issue.

Can you try with only one or two monitors connected on the GPU (you need to unplug the cables on the computer, not only on the screen) ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Fabrice Piquet aka Froyok. Product Manager, Technical Artist and Documentation at Adobe.

Yeah, definitely sounds like a GPU problem. That resolution is huge, especially if it is only one card running all those displays......

The texture size is only at 1024, the obj file is 5mbs.

I've had this setup since January, and can run anything else with it, including Modeling programs, high end games at their max graphics and never experience any issues.

I'll see what happens when I disconnect the 3 monitors and only run with my tablet.

Okay, so I removed 3 monitors, and ran with only the tablet.  Still extremely laggy.  Disconnected the tablet and used a single montior, still extremely laggy.


Does anyone else have any other thoughts or suggestions to the problem at hand?  I'd really like to give it a try before the trial period runs out.


Not sure..... Sounded like a GPU issue but if you are getting this lag on a sincle monitor setup I am unsure. If you want, zip up the files/textures and post here and I can test to see if its laggy on my PC.



Tried to post it, the file is too large.  Is only 5.6mb's 

Anyway, its just a simple model of a Stingray.   I added it to my dropbox, heres the link.

Hi mslogan,

I think I have worked out the problem or even a possible cause for the lag. I think its your UV's. Painter needs UV's to paint the texture maps, in the obj file you attached, whilst it has UV's, they are not painter friendly - there is no clear area for substance painter to paint -  Essentially all of your UV's are overlapping and I think you are getting the lag because painter is trying to paint lots of different areas at the same time etc. I have attached an image showing your UV's (MSLOGAN_UV) - as you can see there is no clear area that you can distinguish any part of the model. The 2nd image I attached is a quick/cleaner UV I recreated  (I only spent 5 minutes creating the UV's so they are not the best). But by fixing this I reduced the lag greatly in which you might be experiencing. I have attached a zip with a newly exported obj with the modified UV's. See if that file runs better on your pc.

The UV's I created are not the best as it was just a quick test. If this fixes your lag problem I would spend the time creating some good UV's that are painter friendly.

Drop Box file :

Let me know if this helped!



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Thanks Mark, not going to lie, i've been crash-coursing myself in Cinema 4D trying to construct something for a project.  Watching Tutorials as fast as I can retain the info, I believe UV's is something I haven't crossed yet so I'll start looking into those and figuring things out for it since I have 3 models I want to paint.  A Heart and a Skull as well.

i'll see what happens with the file and let you know. :)

Hey Mark_6 its flawless. NO lag at ALL.  Its glorious.  I'm afraid to how my other models are, time to find out and learn more! lol

Glad iI could help!

UVs can be one of the hardest parts of texturing models. Stuff like project from view can help though, and when going to a game engine (if you plan to), don't forget to create a second UV set for baked lighting, otherwise whatever engine you use will create it's own UVs which can be pretty bad.