Author Topic: trying to control substance with matinee  (Read 2192 times)

I'm having trouble animating a substance through matinee.

I have a test sphere with a substance blueprint attached to it.  This test substance has just a basic hue property exposed. 

A float is set to drive the substance and I can change the float value in the sphere properties to change hue, although to see the change I have to push play.  So the float does work by itself.

I have that float brought into matinee and animated, along with a slight bob up and down on the sphere to make sure I was getting something.  The matinee is set to play when the game play button is pushed. 

When I push play the sphere does animate up and down but the hue doesn't change.  Any ideas?

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Hi Eric! Right now, the generation is only called on Begin Play. The generation has to be called again every time you want to modify the texture, either using Event tick or a timeline in your blueprint for a continuous animation.

Perfect, thanks :)

I don't know what you are exactly intenting do do, but animating substance means regenerating the output textures( which can be costly performance wise if you do it multiple times in real time) : if the change can be handled by the shader itself, it may be an option you want to explore too.

Just visualizations.  I don't need it to be real time, I just want it to auto update a few times to show different versions.  This was just a test before I brought in a bit bigger project with damage states.

If I step the keyframes in matinee does that cause it not to update until the next keyframe, or will it continue to try to update the same textures over and over?
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I guess it depends how you call it, but in theory there should be a way to regenerate it only on modifications.