Author Topic: Dear Algorithmic , please innovate on how we create UVs  (Read 5733 times)

I love how innovative your products are. Substance 5 and Painter 1.3 is making me think differently. I'd love to persuade you to bring UV creation out of the dark ages. Think about it haha. Thanks , a loyal fan. ...thats all.
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Yeah I was UVing the other night and felt like the basic process hasn't been thought about a lot in 20 years. Maybe I just hate doing it :)

I have to agree on this, as UVs mapping is a complete part of the the texturing process.

It would be awesome to bring a model with no UVs, create them inside Allegorithmic solution before texturing...

I strongly agree with this.  3D Coat was my painting software before I discovered Substance, but I found myself returning to 3D Coat just because it has an awesome Unwrapping tool set.  I even went as far as purchasing because it was a direct plugin into 3D Max that can unwrap very accurately with just a few clicks.  Unfortunately it is ridiculously expensive.

I wouldn't have had to go through all of this trouble if Substance had an easy to use Unwrapping system that doesn't take hours like native Max or Maya.

Hey Guys,

I definitely would like to see this as well. I can't comment on our roadmap at this time, but I can say that UVs is something we discuss often : )


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That sounds awesome. I love 3D coat and modo's uv tools. But being able to completely uv, bake and paint in painter would be absolute awesome!!!

Whilst you are discussing the ideas :) ..... Could you also consider more than one uv - for detail maps and lightmaps for game engines ! :)
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But being able to completely uv, bake and paint in painter would be absolute awesome!!!

Painter AND Designer :-)
I would love to see something coming on this topic, as the texturing workflow would be (almost) complete :-)

I'd throw money at you for making a tool that unwraps with normal map (and any other baked maps) creation and desired texel density in mind - symmetry, UV offsets into neighbouring quadrants, hard edges that get converted to uv island cuts... all this time consuming repetitive stuff would highly benefit from automization. Being creative should be about colors and shapes - not about pelt mapping and splitting the right edges. If one absolutely needs to do manual tweaks it should be at the end of an automic process. So I agree - UV mapping in general seems to evolve very slowly.

there is a really interesting UV packing tool on the way:

there is a really interesting UV packing tool on the way:

Seems really nice :now Allegorithmic has to do better  ;D
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there is a really interesting UV packing tool on the way:

Thx for pointing that one out. It looks promising so I'll give it a go.

there is a really interesting UV packing tool on the way:

Just got a quick look and this is nice, but it is just for packing : you still need to create your UVs before to use it.

I would love to see a solution thats totally innovative that still works in the context of the tools we already use. Or if not that, a tool set thats fast , and a part of your set of tools would work too. I'm sure whatever is on the horizon , it'll be awesome. There are tools out there that ease the pain but they are so costly and really, they only sort of improve this old way of thinking.
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I would love to see you guys innovate on a UV creation tool and it would be awesome to have inside of Substance Painter 2.0 (dreaming), just paint on an edge, and BAM!! DONE.

I use ZBrush UVMaster which does a spectacular job at unwrapping UVs, but I can't always use it and I am stuck with unfold 3D which is overexpensive but very powerful. And I would love to see a UV tool that flattens shells COMPLETELY. (This is very possible as I have done this in Modo with Adaptive Relax)

Same experience Kashif, unfold 3d is powerful but licensing is a pain with their dongle system and cost me an arm and a leg to get. Even then, it still feels so OLD, interface and tools, just the same old methods, just works a little better than other solutions. Rather dump all these different software stops and band-aids and get a real solution from start to finish when it comes to texturing and maps.