Author Topic: errors running sbsmutator in batch samples  (Read 1737 times)

I'm learning substance designer and the batch commands that come with it. I've been going through the sample batch script and have run into errors. I am able to run the sbsbaker command when you click on the "Bake!" button. However, when I try to run the sbsmutator.exe, the application crashes. When I just run the sbsmutator command in the command window, it also crashes there. I get a windows error that says "sbsmutator.exe has stopped working". This is the line of code:
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sbsmutator.exe specialization --input C:/subFolder/ --presets-path "C:/Program Files/Allegorithmic/Substance/Designer/3.x/resources/packages" --connect-image "Ao"@path@"C:/subFolder/Big_Rock_AO.png"@tiling@"1"@format@"JPEG"@level@"0.98" --output-name test --output-graph-name test --output-path "C:/subDest"

When I remove the connect-image parameter and argument, the command runs fine. I'm using all the example data from the sample folder.


I downloaded substance batch tools 1.5.2 and sbsmutator and all the examples work fine in there. I think there are bugs with subsmutator in version 3.6.

As we discussed in the other thread, there is indeed an issue with the sbsmutator (in the 3.6 version), we will fix it in the next release (which will be available as soon as possible, hopefully early september).
You can use the 1.5.2 version if you need the sbsmutator while the new version is not available.

Thanks for your feedback  :)
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