Author Topic: Batch Tool consistency  (Read 1203 times)

Of the 4 tools, sbscooker responds differently than the other 3 in the console. It gives the expanded description of the arguments instead of a summary. And that list is actually being returned as an error message. I'm accessing them through a .NET interface and to get the sbscooker to respond I have to use the following code (p is a instanced process)...

Code: [Select]
            StreamReader errorStream = p.StandardError;
            string errorFromConsole = errorStream.ReadToEnd();

the other 3 return as expected with...

Code: [Select]
            StreamReader ouputStream = p.StandardOutput;
            string outputFromConsole = ouputStream.ReadToEnd();

I don't think this has any effect on it's functionality. It was just an observation I though I would share. Also, would it be possible to implement a change-log for each release? Thanks.