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i everyone,
i have a problem with specular and glossiness, when i try to add them, i can slide in black and white, but they don't affect the model, as when i add spec and gloss map in slot...
any idea ?
I have the last substance painter 1.0.1

The default shader does not use Specular and Glossiness. You can get the right shader here:

ok, thanks, but now, my glow works well but my spec slide is black, my spec is green, and when my spec slide is white, my spec is yellow, and when i put a map, my render is a mix of green and yellow...
how i create my personal shader
in marmoset or in quixel suite, my model is perfectly textured
for explain : I have textured in DDO, and i would like to detail in Painter... ;)
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thanks, but that is not very effective.

Is there a way in a shader to have the following options:

- Base Color
- Height
- Roughness
- Metallic
- Specular
- Glossiness
- Reflection

These things are very important in the production.
additionally, it would still be nice if you could see displacement. I know Displacement goes heavy on the graphics card, but even as a bump map to see it, would be great. You can combine it with the height, but the possibility to have displacement would be great.

We will add a diffuse/specular/glossiness shader soon, but having a shader that support both workflows does not make sense:
if it takes both a roughness and a glossiness map as input, which one will be used to display the result in the views ?
Same for basecolor/metallic vs diffuse/specular.
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oh yes, that's right.
what is with opacity in the shader and viewport ?
Is that also coming soon ?

ok well, what's your working process if you use QUIXEL and SPainter? I know Quixel is your concurrent but, i have both and they working well but different...
and i have the same problem with specular green and yellow....

We plan to add functionalities to the current pbr shader (opacity, sss..), but I can't give any date for that..

For the green/yellow specular problem, make sure the specular channel is set to sRGB8, or anything different from Lxxx in the document settings.

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ho thanks, yes to sRGB8, i works fine :)

okay, cool. thanks

The default shader does not use Specular and Glossiness. You can get the right shader here:

I would like to know how to add this shader to my preview. I downloaded and placed PBRSpecGloss.glsl to path:
C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\resources\shelf\allegorithmic\shaders
After restarting program I can't see it on Viewer Stttings/Shader list.

You should copy additional or custom content in C:\Users\...\Documents\Substance Painter\shelf\
The library in your Substance Pianter installation folder is just a copy of the library shipped with SP but it's not what is monitored by the software.