Author Topic: Open Reference with material substances  (Read 3110 times)

If i open reference to red instance materials, i can see the reference graph of how the material is made with all the different nodes.

Though on a green one i cannot open the reference graph.
So how can this be done with the green ones?

Hey gelbuilding,

I assume you are trying to open "atomic" nodes (maybe gradient,level or HSL, according to the green color.

You cannot open them because they build in node from which all other nodes are built (like the DNA of SD :-))

Hi Vince,

Maybe i didnt explain it correct.
Im Taking about the materials from the Database.

Can you give me a specific name so I can look ?

Hi Vince
For example this material i cannot open reference graph.
Rusted steel from Substance Data Base

The second one is red and i can open the reference graph
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The green ones are sbsar (not sbs) thus they are already compiled and not editable.
In thoery, you should have both the sbs and the sbsar in the library (and database).