Author Topic: Masking a generator  (Read 4956 times)

In substance 1.2 there was a "previous blend" parameter inside of a substance effect which allowed you to paint ontop of an effect, in order to mask it. Im not entirely sure how to do this now when adding generators. Is this still possible?

I have been seeing this also.  You can no longer paint in the mask created by a generator.  If you disable the generator, everything works fine.  Please bring back the ability to paint on a mask with a generator on it.

I actually came here with the intention of asking this exact same question. I'm seeing issues where There's portions of my model where height is added, for example, and I would like to get rid of this (It's a fill layer so I can't paint over it with height only turned on).

You can still paint, but the paint is applied before the generator (it was the same in 1.2 and before). The difference is that now, the generator uses a normal blending mode by default. Change this blending mode to linear dodge or multiply depending if your mask underneath is black or white and you'll end up with the same setup as in 1.2.
Still this is not idea and we will add a better way to paint on masks in a future release.

ok, thanks for clearing that up

since you guys are looking into a better way of doing this, I would like the ability to add or remove from a generator created mask no matter if you create a white or black mask layer.

currently, if you create a black mask, then add a generator, you can only paint white in the mask, you cannot paint black and remove the generator created mask, painting black only removes the white you painted previously.  Same goes if you add a white mask, you can paint black into the mask, but not white.