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I just learned about Substance yesterday, and I'm trying to understand the difference between Substance Designer and Substance Painter.  If I want to add the substance products into my object creation process, where does substance come in and which one should I start with?  Do I need them both or is it one or the other?

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Hey Teriander,

there is a big difference between Substance Designer & Substance Painter.

Substance Painter lets you paint directly onto your Model, while Substance Designer lets you build up a whole new Substance based out of a Node-Graph. In Designer you can create your own custom Substances.

In Painter you'll paint with Colours, Bitmaps or Substances.
The Substances are generated in Substance Designer. Substances can be built out of Bitmaps or fully procedural.

Broken down to it's core:
Designer: Create substances & Base Materials
Painter: Paint directly onto your model and add detail

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Thanks for the reply Fabian.  Do any of these programs paint bump maps?  For example if Im painting facial hair does substance painter create the bump or normal extrusion for the hair?

Hey Teriander,

you can paint normal maps several ways inside of Painter.
You can create your own alpha brush which works like a height map (black: down, white: high). This way you can reproduce your hair during height map painting.
Also, you can paint normal maps.

On the Allegorithmic YouTube Channel you'll find many nice Videos. In this Video Wes shows you how to paint normal maps: /watch?v=QhcatW6yxQQ (YouTube links doesn't work in this forum, at the moment).

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Sounds good Fabian.  I'm currently a 3D Coat user and I'm exploring alternative painting options that aren't as over priced as Mari.  I'll have to take a look at the youtube videos you have mentioned and make a decision.  It's unfortunate Substance doesn't support UV Unwrapping tools.  This was a selling point for me with 3D Coat, and it's still the best method I've seen so far.  But I do like what I'm reading about on Substance for painting.

Hey Teriander,

if you have any more questions, feel free to ask! We're here to help.
Nice to see that Substances reaches more and more to people out there. :)

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Looks like I will purchase substance painter and designer.  I just noticed it is on Steam, so I will add it to my Steam library.  Has a nice Group discount going on as well.  I wish more 3D Applications were on Steam.  Like 3D Max, Maya, Photoshop, etc.  Oh well, I'm sure you'll see me around here more often as I arch my Substance learning curve.