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Hi guys,

I have created a custom pattern (4 lines) using a shape node. Basically I multiplied my line with transform 2d node to get 4 lines, then inserted it in tile generator and rotated it 45 dgr with transform 2d, it looked fine, however when I start to use tiling it creates a visible seam, please see the image

If I don´t rotate 45 dgr with transform and try to tile it, then it tiles perfectly well as in the image

Here is my graph with nodes

Would greatly appreciate if you let me know what am I doing wrong as I want to achieve a seamless texture.

Thanks in advance.


A typical 45° rotation simply breaks the tiling by definition.
You should use the "safe transform" node to make such rotation (it'll scale the pattern down a little to keep the tiling).
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Thanks a lot, Nicolas

It worked.