Author Topic: Suggestion: indented and color coded folder structure  (Read 1931 times)

Hey folks,

while working with Substance Painter it would be really useful to indent layers that reside within a certain folder.
Also some colorization of the folder and its children would be nice to quickly identify the structure of your shading layers.

I tried pushing for this a while ago...I thought it was just me.

While I didn't see your request that's exactly what my colleague and I were looking for when I wrote that post. That should really help in figuring out the way a larger layer stack works.

Hey guys,

thank you for your feedback! It always helps.
But to make sure your ideas are not getting overlooked, you can post the idea in the Uservoice system. (
I also appreciate your redirect, asamac. Your image is quite funny and well made. Thanks for that!

Best Regards
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