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I plan to buy this, but debating, on which one to buy, I use Unreal and Unity engine.  If I were to just buy it from the site or Steam, is there any draw back if I do not buy right from the asset store other than using in the engine??

I don't care if I use straight in the engine or not, I just want to be sure I'm buying this one time, rather than for each engine, which does not make any sense.   Any info would be great .  This is going to be for an indie company, not for a hobby.  Yes we make under 100k right now.

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Hey mustang,

I believe that there is no difference in the software packages between the Unity Asset store and other Stores.

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I confirm those are the same software on our website, Steam, and the Unity Asset Store.

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Thanks for the fast reply. Great that way I can just buy once and use it in any of the engines I use.  Great to hear!