Author Topic: [SOLVED] Possible bug in TriPlanar Greyscale  (Read 1513 times)

I think I found a bug in the TriPlanar Greyscale node. As I got a look at the new nodes graphs I noticed that the worldspace normal input of the new TriPlanar nodes gets split into 3 greyscale channels using greyscale conversion nodes. The first one splitting out the red channel, the second splitting out the green channel and the third one splitting out the blue channel. At least it's the case for the color version of the triplanar node. The greyscale one splits out the red channel and then twice the green channel. the third greyscale conversion node should set R and G to 0 and B to 1 right? But it doesn't. Both the second and third greyscale conversion nodes have R and B set to 0 and G to 1.

 can anybody confirm this?

Last Edit: March 12, 2015, 07:23:09 pm

ok. I fixed it here locally for me. but this should be looked at by devs. I don't want to hunt down the same bug with every release.

We fixed it locally about as soon as you reported it in our bug tracking database. The fix will ship in the upcomming 5.0.2.

good to know. thanks a lot.