Author Topic: How do you "compile" or "create" a node from a huge network of nodes?  (Read 2009 times)

The b2m2 material is 1 node with many variables. In my mind this node should be a giant network of levels, and colour maps etc.. How does one go about creating a node with all of these variables without being a huge network?

It is, actually, a giant net of nodes, but the sbsar file is the compiled version of it, that's why you only see a single collapsed node.
Every node in the library are not compiled though, so when you drag and drop them in your graph, it's one red node, but you can right click on them and choose "Open Reference".
It will show you the details of what's inside.

Very cool! I'm really diggin' this program. Thanks so much for the help. As with my other comments from other posts, I'll give it a shot and get back to you asap. Thanks thanks thanks!!!