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 NDO is still the boss, I just don't want it to be.
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Hello Pawnswizard, hey Guys !

Really great post dude ! the results you have are pretty good !
Actually, i've also developped a few weeks ago a node to do create normal maps directly in SD.
It's really simple, you plug in the node a color map you've created in SD, photoshop, illustrator or whatever. Then , you add a layer for each color, use the pick function to select the color and set up the height,  the bevel, the curve and the smooth.
You have a normal map and a height map as main outputs and you also have for each color a separated mask, It make it easier to work on your basemap, roughness, etc...

here is the final result ;)

Hey Guys,

this is just awesome. Great job! I love the approach using different 'layers' for stacking the IDs.
Would like to see some walkthroughs ;)

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Wow! Very impressive. I like all the smaller details like the decals too.

@threiZ: whaaaa that's awesome I never even thought of doing it that way! Is that colormap done with svg or photoshop? I ask because of those darn small circles , they actually look like circles on yours

that is fantastic work!! Absolutely amazing. I also would like to see a walkthrough  :D
3D art is magic.

:) thanks  guys !
There are currently some issues with the .Sbsar export in SD5, as soon as it's fixed, i'll share with you the node and make a video to explain how it works and how i did the cube.

@Morepolys : for this test, the colormap is done with Illustrator, but exported in .png. This is pretty annoying, due to the compression of the picture, some  fine details are lost.
 Still, it does the job, the result isn't bad :)  I think there are some ways you can export a .SVG from illustrator, i should take the time to look at it...
You're right about the circles ! I think the main reason is the Metal edge damage i used on the colormap... when you look at the normal, you still have the details from the original source :)
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@Threiz:  would love to give that node a try! 

I will be posting mine up as well once it's a bit less broken, I may need some help getting the layer setting amount to work (i'm not the most technical in SD)  Very cool though to see different ways of doing these normal maps

@Threiz: great result!
Now, if only the SVG node was updated... :)

I can't wait to see your workfow Threiz. That is a badass normal.

Everyone is hoping for a revamped SVG node it seems.
3D art is magic.

Awesome @Threiz Very great work!


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@Threiz, great job mate, superb  8)

Very nice, great job.
Very smart.
Be nice to see your workflow. ;)

Yeah! Really impressive work - would be happy to see a tutorial!