Author Topic: Substance Designer crashes on new material  (Read 3031 times)

So I am evaluating Substance Designer 3.6.1 before I use it after my KickStarter funding campaign, when it gets started anyway.

I have factored in the cost for SD in my cost on KickStarter, so I intend to purchase a license after my trial is over.

Anyway, every time I create a new material in Substance Designer, it crashes on me after loading a cube in the 3D view and it loads the lights, it then crashes and windows suggests closing the program.
In rare instances, I have gotten past the cube without it crashing a few times and loaded my FBX model exported from 3DS Max just fine with some rendering issues.

I have three rendering engines being DirectX10, DirectX9 and SSE2, none of which work and all crash on me.

My current system is Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel Core 2 Solo Processor SU3500.

What strikes me as strange is a long time ago during the 3.5 series of Substance Designer worked just fine for me with absolutely no problems, crashes or any of the sort.
This was when the Cymurai tutorials were released based on the 3.5 series I think somewhere in the middle of 2012.
I tested the previous versions and they still crash on me, before they didn't.

Is there any change or some bug I am unaware of?
I would like to evaluate creating materials instead of it always crashing lol

What is you graphic card? Also make sure your drivers are up to date.
We will have a new release in a week or so that includes a lot of bugfixes and crash fixes, hopefully this will help.
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My graphics card:

Mobile Intel (4) Series Express Chipset Family

Regarding upgrading my driver, there doesn't seem to be any update for it and I recently checked.

I'm a bit confused because Substance has worked flawlessly before.