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Hey Everyone!

GDC is a wrap. We had a great conference. It was amazing to see how much Substance has grown in the industry. We were a major presence this year and we would like to thank all of you.

It is you, our community and our users, that help us to grow. Your feedback and support is vital and we love you : ) It was so uplifting for us to get to interact face to face with Substance users. Thank You all : )


We announced Substance Designer 5 and Substance Painter 1.3 as well as the new Substance Live payment option. Substance Live allow you to pay as you go, but when once you've paid the price of the software, you own it! No more payment, its yours for keeps : ) An industry first.


We had a ton of great presenters. We didn't record the videos, but many of the presenters are going to record their own presentations and we can host them. I will record my presentations as well an post them them online. I'm thinking of doing a twitch stream for the presentations, so you can see it live and ask questions.


Here a a few photos from the week : )
1. Our booth
2. Painter in VR! An internal experiment we demoed
3. User Group Meeing - Certain Affinity showing of substance in Halo 2 Anniversary!
4. Jeremie hanging out at the Blizzard party.
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Really nice !
Congrats to all of you !
As I was saying in one of the G+ community comments, i remember your booth 4 years ago at GDC 2010 which was one the "small regular" ones... So much has been done since then !

Congrats guys!

I sure hope that VR experiment gets released at some point for people to play around with.