Author Topic: Keayboard shortcuts?  (Read 1855 times)

I did do a search using several parameters but was not able to find a printable shortcut key list... does one exist?
Help please

Hey patrick.scoggin,

you can find a printable shortcut list in Help -> Shortcuts. (3rd item on the dropdown list)
See the attached image.

Best Regards
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Hi sorry for the necro but is the printable shortcut list deleted/moved to another area?

Or did the installation went haywire?

Hey myclay,

the link is gone, indeed, but I can't tell you why that happened, sorry.
This might help you anyway:

Best Regards
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thank you for the link,  :)
hopefully a reinstall will fix it then.

*after an uninstall and clean reinstall
 the shortcut menu/list item is still not showing up...

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