Author Topic: SD5 Bitmap issue - 'Background Image' loaded into foreground? Can't see my work  (Read 1539 times)

When I load a background into a Bitmap node, it's actually layered on top, essentially making it impossible to see what I'm working on while referencing the 'background image'.

Not sure how on earth to fix. Also, when I click on the brush tool, as I try and adjust the parameters (like size and opacity) - a simple click makes it disappear, but if I hold on the mouse and drag left and right, it seems to still impact the slider (only I can't see it).

I just upgraded from SD4 to SD5... and I'm starting to wonder why I made that call. Doesn't seem to be a clear reason right now.

You can adjust the opacity of the background image with that slider above the 2D view. Yours is set to 100% opacity, that's why you can't see your drawing.

I set it high to illustrate the point. It is supposed to be a background image, as in, behind whatever I'm working on. I don't know if this is a setting I can't figure out or a bug with SD5.

EDIT - it was really hard to tell from the video, but I think the background image IS natively loaded into foreground. Odd choice but I guess I at least know know. A great feature would be to have two layers that you can swap foreground and background and change opacity of each.
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