Author Topic: Substance Designer 5 keeps crashing!  (Read 2505 times)

Every time I expose a parameter, SD 5.0.1 crashes... it is driving me mad.
I can't report a bug because the log file export results in log not gound.

Hey djflan,

you can, of course, report bugs without the log file, that's no problem :)
Regarding your problem: Thanks for sharing that! To make sure your bug is addressed correctly, you can send an email to

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Thank you. I sent an email with the project files.

Edit: I think the issue may be due to the types of parameters I exposed.
Exposing parameters such as: material preset, roughness_value in the pbr_base_material graph results in
error: parameter not defined

My guess is that the graph is based upon a substance that already has exposed parameters, perhaps resulting in recursive exposed parameters.

I was not aware that there were certain parameters that could not be exposed. I still keep getting crashes when exposing parameters for that particular graph, even after clearing the exposed parameters.
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I can confirm that opening the "Expose Parameter" dialog on a node that already has exposed parameters crashes Designer 5.0.1. I have logged the bug in our tracking system.

You could also look into why I can only change an exposed parameter once (like if exposing the parameter for the tiling package, because I wanted to increase the hex cell amounts. Please note that NumberX and NumberY *seems* to be exposed. But they cannot be changed (looks like the bottom image in the beginning) and I had to expose the value again) the change is then set to 10 by default. Now changing to the value I want seems OK, and the change remains registered. Clicks on another node, then goes back.. presto exposed values are now gone again, and cannot be changed. Trying to expose again .. crashes. It also crashes immediately if I try to expose in the far right list, instead exposing by right clicking the node in the graph seems to work the first time. But like I said, as soon as I click on something else. It is back to as it was in the beginning again. With me not being able to change the amount of tiles. But the change is still registered.

Now, my question is also this: Why am I not able to change a value for a parameter that is visible in the list to the right from the beginning?


I think I got around it by another way.. I used 'explore' that seems to do the trick :) But still, the crashing is a bit of a worry.. but I know you guys a working on it so ;D
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