Author Topic: Unity - Load Behaviour and other problems  (Read 3136 times)

I bought Bitmap2Material via the Unity Assetstore.
It's awesome but I still got a couple of problems using it.

1. problem:
I created a material and used it on an object. But when I start my game it takes a while till the material shows up. The object is blue first and after a while it shows the material i made in Bitmap2Material. Same thing happens when i build the game.
How i can i tell Bitmap2Material to statically create the material so it doesn't get auto-generated while the game is running?
Does it have something to do with the load behaviors? I fooled around with that but didn't really get rid of the problem.

My workaround is to export all the created outputs as images and use the build in Unity shaders with those texture. This kinda sucks and I have no chance to do changes on the material without re-exporting the textures.

2. problem:
When using Bitmap2Material Unity brings a message that's like "determining assets for platform..." and checks what assets needs to be re-imported. This only happens when i use Bitmap2Material and it takes ages! I only work for 1 platform, and never switched it while working on my project.

I hope somebody can help me out here because Bitmap2Material seems to be an awesome tool. But right now i can't really use it with those 2 issues.

Thanks in advance!

The first issue can be avoided by telling B2M to generate textures at build time (bake) or load time, at the very bottom of the B2M inspector.
The blue thing will still happen in the Editor but not with the built game.

About the second issue, when does that reimport step happens exactly?

Hi! Thanks for the quick reply!

The second issue happens when i stop the game inside the Unity Editor. I hit play to test the game, hit play again to stop the game and return to the editor. That's where the problem happens.
I'm using the newest version of Unity (4.2) and the newest version of Bitmap2Material

This reimport when you stop playing in the editor should have been fixed with 4.2. Could you send us a small repro project through dropbox or else to help us investigate the issue?

Yes, i can try to create a new project. My current project is huge, so i will have to create a new one and try to reproduce the problem.

I noticed that this problem happens only when i create a new material inside Bitmap2Material.
And that it only happens once the first time i start the game. After a couple of game-starts the re-importing message disappears.

So basically that's something i could live with :-)