Author Topic: SD5 and Materials  (Read 1243 times)

Hey guys, just a little question about SD5, i just saw that new SP has some awesome procedural materials / smartmaterials...
Is there any chance or update in the future which will make these materials also avaiable in SD5 ?

Agreed, I think the material system should be unified between the two apps.....unless i've missed something.

Hey guys, I am not really into SP (I am a SD user), but I am not sure to get your point.

SD is the place where you build these awesome procedural materials so it is quite normal that the interface is different in some sort, as the 2 softwares don't manipulate the data the same way (by purpose)


Smart materials in SP and substances are 2 different things, although they can have the same purpose in the end.
Smart Materials in SP are some kind of "layer presets": you create some layers, and same them. It becomes very powerful when you put some substance effects in those layers. For example, you create in Substance Designer a filter based on a baked map: you can then put that effect in a smart material, and have your texturing in SP driven by this effect.
SD and SP are really powerful when you combine them, you could see Substance Designer as a tool to create effects and materials to be used in SP.

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