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Hey there,
another request (maybe its hidden somewhere but couldnt find it).
would be lovely if you could add a node by tipping in the name, like the "tab" key in nuke. you hit tab, a small text filed appears and you can type in the node name of the desired node, after hitting enter, the node appears next in the current "connection", if nothing selected, it just appears at the current mouse pointer position.
would speed up the creation of a network, cause most of the time you just use known nodes.

and btw  talking about nuke, a shortcut to disable / bypass nodes temporarly (x in nuke) would be a big help. best way to check the influence of a certain operation to the final output.

going to try substance 5 now :)
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It's actually already possible ^^

Press Space, this makes the node manu appear. Then type the first letters to select your node.

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true, but its limited to the nodes from the spacebar menu and not working for the whole library ;)
i mean  you can already access them fast enough, but to add a mesh data combiner for example, you have to leave the graph to browse the library

+1 on this one !

I would like to type space bar and start typing the name to get access to ALL the library (so I can accelerate my workflow and get rid of the library panel :-)

That's a very good idea :)
Also, The Global Search in the library could have an option to show ONLY the graphs. I can't use it anymore as it is populated with loads of pictures used by my substances.

Houdini uses this sytem of menu where you type and the nodes appear, and it works like a charm.

+1 from me.

When I first started using UE4 I had spent an entire day in blueprints and material stuff and one of the first things I tried to do in SD was type out some nodes after pressing space.

+1 from me.

I'm used to doing this in Nuke. Adding this would speedup my SD workflow speed by a ton.