Author Topic: Cinema 4D substance loader Plugin  (Read 3663 times)

many C4D users include me would also like to use substances in theyr favorite aplication.
Could we have a plugin for C4D?


You should send this as a feature request to the Maxon guys.

I informed also the developers of cinema 4d :-)

REfferring to the Substance Database 2.0 Video.

How can i customize substances directly in Cinema 4d ??


More information soon :)

Head of Product Management

shall i wait with buying database if i would like to use it in c4d and ue4 or will it be just an additional plugin?
I have have already substance designer licence..
Its important for me to know that the "news" come before the sales end. Thank for understanding :)

Have a nice day!

Hi there,

+1 for Cinema4D ..

Blender will be great too

Many Thank
actually ,have nothing meaningful to say !