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Hi guys!

Our first product in the Substance Tools Fastener suite is now out: HEX HEAD FASTENERS!

You can choose between:
- Substance Tool version.
- Multi Tool Pack, which includes:
· Substance Tool
· ZBrush insert multi mesh for baking and rendering.
· Full alpha set
· NDO alpha template

Please, also check our Youtube video for a full demo on this tool!
We look forward to getting your feedback!
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Those look awesome! Congratulations :D

These are very useful! I will get them as soon as I can :D

Thank you guys!
Do not hesitate to send us your feedback and suggestions! We have many more tools coming soon!

Wow this is fantastic!  Look forward to see what else you guys are going to be up to!

Thanks Victor!
You've got some amazing stuff in your portfolio!

If you get to use any of our tools, we'd love to see the results!

Our second tool in the Substance Tool Fastener suite: RIVETS AND CAP HEAD FASTENERS!
Really handy when working on aircraft, vehicles and props!

Very awesome work! They look great.


Head of Substance Demo Art Team
Twitter: The3DNinja

Hey guys!
Our newest tool is finally out! Lots of options in this one to give you an infinite number of combinations! Hope you find it useful!

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And one more tool is out now: FLUSH FASTENERS!

Check them out at our Gumroad store!

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Hi guys!

We are happy to share with you our latest tool for Substance Painter: Seams & Stitches!

We are launching it in just one single version that includes the Substance Tool, as well as all the Alphas contained in it, so you can use them in your favorite software: ZBrush, Mudbox, Ndo... at a very special price of just $2.50!
Hope you enjoy our tools as much as we enjoy making them!
SubstanceTools team

Awesome tools! Thanks for posting. Great work guys.


Head of Substance Demo Art Team
Twitter: The3DNinja

And our final tool in the Fasteners Suite is out now: ROUND HEAD FASTENERS!

Now continuing the work on some new exciting tools! Stay tuned!

SubstanceTools team

Great tools guys! Thanks for post!


Head of Substance Demo Art Team
Twitter: The3DNinja

Feature requests:

-Add a torq-set screw

-Add a random rotation each time the screw is painted (if that is even possible).