Author Topic: Batch Tool help file app  (Read 5784 times)

I have created a tool to help me learn/use the batch tools. It works as follows....

1. select the batch tool
2. select [-help], [-advanced help] or [-version]
3. highlight the command you are interested in and right click (it places the selected text into the text box above)
4. (optionally browse to a .sbs or .sbsar file, if you are looking for version or parameter information)
5. select Process (optionally double click in the main display text box) to view the help information.

I got tired of copying/pasting strings of text into the console. You could probably even generate some simple output if you string the correct information together. But this was just intended as a way to access the help information. I have some tools that specifically tailored to my workflow in Unity. If there is any interest, I may post them also. The batch tools need to be installed in the default location.

Wow, that's very cool! Would you mind us shipping it with the batch tools directly so everyone can benefit from it?

@jeremie  I sent you a pm on Friday, not sure if it went through though. Ill update the file with a more stable version later today or tomorrow.

Nice one Bryan, Very impressive :)

Yep, thanks Bryan, we will test it and include it as soon as possible.

Actually, here is an updated build. I still haven't finished a help page. It's the same as before with addition of the following...

1.  Back one screen.
2.  Copies the content of the text box to a dialog, for reference as you look up a different topic.
3.  Opens a blank dialog to paste text into. I found I still had to have a text file open. Also useful for building long lists of arguments.
4.  Browse to an output folder if needed as an argument.


Hello Bryan,

The tools looks amazing ! Unfortunately it dosn't seam to work with the new batch tools tha come with substance designer 5. Did you made any update since 2013 ? Or maybe, you have found a alternative GUI for Substance Batch Tool.

I truly hope that Allegorithmic will implement the batch tool directly in substance Designer.

Thank you in advance.