Author Topic: Newbie Question About Texture Patterns  (Read 3109 times)

Searched, but didn't find an answer for this.  I see how flexible and thorough Substance Designer is, but I'm wondering how I can take seamless textures I create with SD to the level of not creating clearly noticed patterns in my objects.  For example, a side of a mountain will have multiple differences across the same sort of rock, but the patterns will not be the same across the expanse of that it looks real.

Any ideas will be appreciated.  I'm curious what you all have done to make this work.

You can use this (common) methods in your 3D modeling package or game engine to achieve the desired effect:
    1. create several light sources with different parameters (colors for example) and randomly spread them over terrain or around model (too many lights will hurt performance, so you must figure out yourself their amount, depending on whether it will be used in real-time simulation or not).
    2. Create second layer with other texture and blend it with first texture (also in random places), maybe using some mask texture, or use "texture paint" (refer to your software documentation for the details); use different levels of transparency to get smooth transition result.
    3. Rocks and similar objects can be rotated, scaled to get some randomness too.

Thank you Arampl! I just now noticed your answer.