Author Topic: Painted normals Inverted from height normals on export  (Read 1355 times)

Hi, im having trouble solving an exported normal issue.

I have bump features painted with normals (awesome feature btw), and other bump features painted with height. Everything looks good in Painter, but when i export the normals are Y-inverted for features painted with normals compared to features painted with height.

The attachement is from an exported OpenGL normal, so bright green should be tangent "up". However the ledge is inverted, and so are the large bolts. Both painted as normals. Everything painted with height outputs correctly.

Exporting as directX normals simply inverts everything, the the problem is the same. I have also tried switching between ogl and dx in the project settings.


I went back into my SD graphs for my Bolt/Screw and Ledge tools, and i had created my normals in DX mode. My Painter project is in OpenGL....

The normals are properly displaying in Painter's viewer and when looking at the normals in solo channel mode, they seem to be properly transformed for OGL basis (green towards V+). They just flip for some reason on export.

To fix my export, I was able to use a Levels on the normal bump layers to flip Green. And this fixed the exported normals. Height bump and normal bump now match. woohoo!  :)

But with these level fixes, the normals are now wrong in the viewer  :-\

I could just toggle off the levels while working, but this seems like a bug. Unless im missing something, i suspect there is an unecessary transform being performed on export.

Has anyone else seen this sort of thing?

I'm using OpenGL normals, things look fine in Painter... but then I export my textures and rendering via Iray in Daz Studio, the normals are inverted.

Exporting normals as 32 bit TIFF yields correct normals.

Why is that?

16 Bit PNG not have enough information?

What export preset are you using ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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