Author Topic: My Substance not rendering in Maya but others do  (Read 2347 times)

Seems I have a problem with my .sbsar files.
I take the following steps:

1 - Paint in SP (basecolor, roughness, metalness, height)
2 - Export the maps as TGA (basecolor, roughness, metalness and converted normals from height)
3 - In SD I create a new substance with same resolution, import my maps and connect each other to the corresponding output node. This is a very simple test I'm doing, just 4 maps each to its output. Nothing else. Then I publish the .sbsar file.
4 - In Maya I load my object, create a substance node, load the sbsar file, click on Automatic Connections and then Create Shading Network.
Here I notice that something strange happens, since the network is not fully created. It only creates it for the normal. Then I manually create basecolor and roughness and connect their outputs in the Hypershade to the ones in the material (roughness to specular and basecolor to color)
5 - When I render its all black
6 - Create a new substance and load an .sbsar file that comes with designer, click on Create Shading Network. The networks is completely created and it renders fine.
So my guess is that I'm doing something wrong with my .sbsar but don't know where since its only 4 textures connected to the 4 outputs.
Any ideas?

Solved it. The problem was in SD. My output was named BaseColor instead of Diffuse so when creating the network BaseColor didn't connect to the Diffuse of the Phong material. Renamed the BaseColor node to Diffuse in SD, exported the sbsar file and now it works.