Author Topic: Animated texture and Unity  (Read 8470 times)

The texture sheet node on share looks great, but it's really only made for laying out source textures, and not for generating them over time. The bit that I'd really like to get help on is the generation of unique frames for the sheet itself.

Basically I am looking for a way to ouput the results of $time to maps for laying out within SD, and then combine those in a row for the resulting texture sheet. I guess this really doesn't involve Unity so much except that it's the target use for the assets hehe.

The only thing I really see having this sort of option is the frame animation output option in Player that will spit out sequential images of the frames that I would then have to re-import and hook up to offsets to get them lined up in sequence. A bit of a bummer for a workaround, as it seems this should already be possible from within SD itself.


I can only second that!

Are there any new insights on that topic?
I am as well looking for a solution to create sprite sheets consisting of sprites which are animated over time and looped within Substance Designer.

It would be an immensly helpful functionality for VFX of all kinds and would add a whole new dimension to Designer.

I could definitely use this as well right now.