Author Topic: Very irritaing importing mesh issues.  (Read 3593 times)

Can anyone get this mesh to import into Substance Painter?

It is an extremely simple object, part of a logo created in Modo 801.
It imports perfectly well into Maya, and online object viewers such as, and even into Tinkercad, which is kid's stuff in comparison to Substance Painter.

But not into Substance Painter.
I have found importing meshes into Substance Painter to be a real pain, with it accepting some meshes and not others but this one takes the biscuit.

If Maya can do it with no fuss, and online kiddy software can do it with no fuss, why on earth cannot Substance Painter?

I've tried converting the file to several other formats, via several different softwares, but still will not import.

If anyone can import the mesh, could you please tell me why I cannot do so, and if no-one can import it, could someone from Allegorithmic please tell me why?

..... Steven.

It is an .stl file format, which is not supported by Designer/Painter.
You need to convert that into an OBJ or FBX file to get it work.

What version of Maya you are using? I cannot import that .stl into Maya 2015.
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I have tried .obj .fbx and others which still won't import.
.obj file here:

I have Maya 2015 - It imports just fine.

..... Steven.

I was able to open the obj without any issues, I am using SP 1.1.2

I guess I must have a preference setting wrong somewhere.
At least I now know it is possible.
Many thanks to both repliers!

..... Steven.