Author Topic: Painting over multiple uv sets  (Read 1531 times)

Hi, I'm just getting introduced to substance painter and all the features.  One thing I'm getting hung up on, is that there seems to be no way to paint over multiple uv sets...say perhaps I have a seemless creature, and to have increased resolution i put the head and hands on their own uv sets; if I try and paint anywhere near where the texture sets meet, say where the neck and head meet, or where the wrist and hands meet, there is a pretty bad seem created.  If it were just the diffuse,..i could take the files into 3d coat and paint them out as a work around,..but with height, metalness, gloss, etc, that would be a real pain.  I'm assuming there are plans for this feature to be added in future versions of SP?  The alternative right now is to just have one texture set, but you'd need an 8k texture to get the resolution you could easily achieve with breaking up the sets...let me know if there is something I'm missing here.  I think the program is amazing, so hopefully this important issue can be addressed in later releases if no work around is possible now.



This is indeed not yet the case but on our todo list.

Bump. This is a huge feature that would add so much to the program ! Please get on this!