Author Topic: Is there a substance error verification in Designer?Painter don't like Substance  (Read 1293 times)

Hi there,

I use Substance Designer to build substances to use in Painter. The problem I have is, that sometimes importet substances are not working correctly within Painter. It takes ages to get the preview thumbnail, and changes on the substance takes also very long.

I found out, that this strange behavior could cause by exposed parameters. Is there some kind of verification of exposed parameters to avoid this? Normaly I have to clear all exposures and redo them. This takes a lot of time. Also I don't get any warnings or error messages within the publishing process.

Is there a way to verify the substance due to errors or something like this?


Right now I was working on another substance. I exposed the parameters step-by-step and checked it all the time in painter. It was working very fine till I exposed one parameter. After that, painter didn't respond in real time. Every change took half a minute. So I undo the change in Designer and published the file to painter, but it doesn't fix the problem. Even if everything is like it was before (when everything worked fine) painter is very slow.

This wastes a lot of time and makes it not possible to work with the program.

Since there was no answere from anybody, I will also contact support.


Please post your sbs here so that we can have a look.

Head of Product Management

Hi Nicolas,

we just emailed (im Ingo).


Here is the sbs and sbsar file to test it out!