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Hi guys,

I'm having a problem with some instanced graphs in my current graph.
I just had to move the project in a new drive.
Now, even if I substitute every path in the current graph (and in the instanced graphs), the project will still ask me to specify the missing paths.
Is there a way to review the missing paths after having loaded the project, and fix the problem?


I got the same problem -  SD always asking me to specify "a new path" - which I did a few times... Even after the correct path is given, SD still fails to load everything without that error msg.

Funny thing is, I do not have the "missing" resource anywhere in my graph/project so... I do not understand, why SD searches for it.... well thats a nagging issue.


At least in version 5 this issue will be fixed.
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Hu, I just found the problem.
In my case there were some Input Color Images to which I previously dropped some test pictures from another substance.
Simply deleting the path in the "PKG Resource Path" in the Specific Parameters of the image solved the issue.
I still wish there were more options in the explorer to review missing paths though :)