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Hello everyone,
I'm using tile generator for tiles and for the input there is an image from other node. While creating tiles there is a small 1 pix gap between tiles. How I can remove it?
I beleive the problem is somewhere either in blending mode or something with Alpha channel of the input image. I messed with blending modes, alphas and etc but nothing helped... Any ideas? Thanks!

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Fabian F., thanks for the link but method with invert ins't working for me :(

What about this? :
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vincent.gault, for some reason the image isn't loading... can't see your post.

that's weird : this is a youtube link but it dosn't want to be displayed...
edit : I removed the http:// and you can see it

it's working only if the tile is uniform size (number X and Y equal), in my way i have X=3 and Y=2 and I still have those lines..