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Hi all,

Im having a amateur problem here. When I save out a .sbs file in to my Library directory I am unable to access it within Designer.

Any leads on what the issue may be?

Hey rocholl,

you need to tell the library to search a specific Folder (plus subfolders) to add the custom .sbs files.
In the attached image, you can see the setup (as example).

In the Projects-Tab in the Preferences, you need to add the Folder-Path to the Library. If you did that, you can add a new Filter to the Library inside of Designer.

Wes did a great video series for beginners in Substance Designer, explaining your question, too.
Here is the specific video from the Channel Playlist:

Best Regards
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Hi Fabian thanks for the reply.

I have watched all the tutorials from back to front..they are great.

The issue I have however still prevails. The directory is set and appears to work for a material I put together earlier today. What isn't accessible is a mask generator I created. Is it possible that this has something to do with the outputs?

Maybe it's an issue with your filters?
The outputs are independent from what is shown in the library.
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Hmm not that I can see :( tis very strange. 

There is an option called "Do not show in Library". Maybe it was not checked?

Anyway that's good if it's working :)

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