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I have been eyeballing the Substance Indie Pack, but one thing is still unclear for me. It says in the description on the Substance Indie Pack that you can use it aslong as you do not generate more than 100,000$ of revenue per year. However, if you check the software individuelly (for example "Substance Painter") it says that you can't make more than 10,000$ of revenue per year.
So which one is it? ..I feel like I should follow the 100,000$ limit since Substance Indie Pack include all three software (Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Bitmap2Material) and it says in the description that 100,000$ maximum limit.

The revenue limit was raised since Substance Designer 5 was announced. $100.000 is the new value now, but maybe in Substance Painter the old one was "forgotton" to change?
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Ah ok, thanks! :)

It would be great if an Administrator could confirm it, since it is a quite serious matter.

The limit has been raised for all software. We still need to fix some descriptions and texts to reflect these changes.

Great! Thanks alot!