Author Topic: Exported Base Color Map Not Matching Viewport or Unreal  (Read 987 times)

I'm having trouble moving my painted textures to Unreal, and I think it has something to do with the exporting process. My exported base color map is coming out way darker than it should, making it almost all black in UE4. I also noticed a different kind of error on one of the spots I have overlaid a grayscale texture. It doesn't appear like the texture is being treated as an overlay - it's coming off way more white than it should. The shot I took in the Painter viewports doesn't show that section of the model, but it never looked out of place as I textured it. I only noticed it while compositing the attached image.

It sort of feels like it's not fully computing the layer stack in either the viewport or the export between the levels adjustments on my textures throughout the stack and the weird overlay mismatch on this .png... Has anyone else had a problem like this before?


This is the exact same thing happening to me.
3D art is magic.

Okay, I fixed my problem - I went through my layer stack, turned off every layer (even ones in groups), then started at the bottom and turned every layer back on one at a time, waiting for each layer to calculate before continuing. Now it works perfect. Hope this helps you out Pawn :)

Thanks! :)
3D art is magic.