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Hi, guys.
For those of you who can't wait 'till march, here is a tool I made for my friend that provides turntable functionality.

Quick test
By default your spin animation will probably have noticeable skip similar to this.
You can test it by hovering cursor over render window, pressing Ctrl + Alt + NumPad2 and then Ctrl + Alt + NumPad5
NumLock must be turned ON.
Hit Escape to cancel rotation.
If your model rotates smoothly for some reason - just use this two hotkeys. If skip is present, you will have to manually set rotation range as described below.

Setting Rotation Range
Make sure NumLock is On.
Hover cursor over render window and press Ctrl + Alt + NumPad2 this simulates holding LeftMouseButton for you.
Note: hitting Escape at any time will stop rotation and release LeftMouseButton.
Move cursor to the left side of the screen and pick recognizable orientation of your model. In this example I chose frame where spout and handle are aligned.
Press Ctrl + Alt + NumPad1 to set this orientation as left limit(first frame).
Now move cursor to the right, until your model does full 360-degree turn and has roughly same orientation as left limit.
Press Ctrl + Alt + NumPad3 to set this orientation as right limit(last frame). It doesn't have to be exact same pose, you can tweak it later.
It might sound confusing, but really whole routine is simple:

Adjusting Rotation Range
Pressing Ctrl + Alt + NumPad7 and Ctrl + Alt + NumPad9 will quick-jump to first and last frame respectively.
Press Ctrl + Alt + NumPad4 couple of times to make range shorter and test it by jumping between first and last frame again. If skip gets bigger and more noticeable - you need to press Ctrl + Alt + NumPad6 twice as mush to make range longer.
Adjust range until your first and last frames look the same and there is no twitch while jumping between them.
If you are familiar with animation principles, you can skip this paragraph.
For a perfect loop, your last frame should be one step less. Otherwise animation is going to visually slowdown while playing identical frames.
After your first and last frames matched, make range shorter according to your rotation speed (shown in tooltip, 1 by default).
Press Ctrl + Alt + NumPad4 once for speed 1, twice for speed 2 and so on.

That's it. Start Spinning
Press Ctrl + Alt + NumPad5 to start rotation.
Control the speed with Ctrl + Alt + NumPad+ and Ctrl + Alt + NumPad-
You can reverse rotation by setting negative speed.
Press Escape when done.
If you'll use it, please link results in this thread.

  • You can disable Info Tooltip from right-click menu on tool's tray icon.
  • If your screen's width is less than what is required for 360-degree spin, you won't be able to set proper range.
  • Although I made this tool for SD, it should work with other programs.
  • There is almost no checks. For example, you can run it over desktop or any other window.

Ctrl + Alt + NumPad+               
Ctrl + Alt + NumPad-
Ctrl + Alt + NumPad2
Ctrl + Alt + NumPad8
Ctrl + Alt + NumPad1
Ctrl + Alt + NumPad3
Ctrl + Alt + NumPad4
Ctrl + Alt + NumPad6
Ctrl + Alt + NumPad7
Ctrl + Alt + NumPad9
Ctrl + Alt + NumPad5
HOLD Shift
increase speed
decrease speed
start drag
stop drag
set LEFT limit
set RIGHT limit
make range shorter
make range longer
go to LEFT limit
go to RIGHT limit
start spinning
show info


Very awesome! Thanks for sharing.


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@Nicolas Liatti,  i see my mistake, sorry fot that. Hopefully some cool new substnace materials are coming too with the new release.

@deedoubleu  even if Substance is not open, when i hit shift i get the Shortcut window that is popping up... how can i have it that it is only activ when Substance is open? if that is not possible, how do i unistall it? can not find the programm anywhere

Technically it is possible, but a bit tricky for me.
You should be able to suspend or close this tool from tray. Icon has H on green square background.

if it isn't there for some reason, find and terminate dwTurntable.exe process in Task Manager.
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