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These renders are from my Artstation, once this substance is on Substance Share ill put a link in here too :).

It's excellent, The idea is great and very well achieved, but what I think it's very cool is the way you tried bending the textile around the folds. It's probably not perfect everywhere yet, but I imagine it's an extremely difficult task and it's looking great already.

All other artificial stuff is, well, perfect.

A crit too:

The green vegetation or whatever, could have more variation and the green could be less artificial.

Anyway Impressive work as usual!

Thanks! Thats a good observation regarding the green stuff. Its supposed to be plastic foam insulation, but the green makes ti look like moss or algae (which is cool, but not what I intended haha). Ill make it blueish instead.

The folding is hard to perfect, since its a 2d plane your working on, and warps don't really overlap, but kind of moire-blend with each other at high intensities. Ideally you would zbrush or use marvellous designer for the cloth, and bake it down. That's still an option (just replace the height info for the cloth area with a baked heightmap) but I'm trying to go 100% procedural, to kind of push myself to improve haha.

Thanks for the feedback!

It's already terrific!

Another crit - Stitches:

They look uniformly sunk into the textile surface. This makes them look a bit fake. They usually sink more when they enter the surface but are actually usually out of the surface when they are visible.

From a distance they look good, in your closeups, every material is so well achieved that the stitches pop out a bit.

Thanks JQL, i need to edit it anyway, but ill take that to heart.

Car materials are uploaded to Share, so they should be there soon :)

More renders at my Artstation.

My entry (so far :P ) for the Bi-Weekly Substance Designer Challenge:

Edges are better defined, concrete redone and now actually hangs over some parts of the brick, redid colour blending, tweaked heightmap and cracks and roughness.
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Hi guys! Im happy to share some of the materials I made whilst participating in the SD6 Beta :D

More on my artstation :)

Working on lava:
More renders here.

How did you render it?


I use Iray, which is included in SD :).

Its been a while, but here are some fresh renders :D

The current polycount challenge for SD: (WIP)

The previous one: (Sci file rooftile :) )

Last one is a variation with more algae/moss.

Hi guys,

I wanted to share some early/WIP materials im working on for Escalation 1985:

More info here:

Some new and improved materials from my artstation:

These are for the bi weekly challenge :).

These are for Escalation 1985.

The ocean water is now available for download on Substance Share.